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We design and install complete renewable energy solutions. Find out more about our:

  • Solar Panels: Generate your own clean electricity on your residential or commercial property.

  • Battery Storage: Store the electricity generated from solar panels for use at any time. 

  • EV Chargers: Dedicated charge points for speedy electric vehicle charging. 

  • Heat Pumps: Heat your property and generate hot water without fossil fuels.

All services are available for residential and commercial properties.

​Request a quote to start your renewables journey.

Solar Panels

Our experienced solar engineers design and install solar panel systems to meet our customer's energy goals. This includes tailoring to your property and location to maximise each system's impact. 

Solar panels are a great first step to energy independence - lowering you electricity bills and carbon footprint. Suitable for most residential and commercial properties our solar panels generate renewable energy to provide electricity throughout the day - even in winter. 

As an added bonus you have options to store or sell any excess electricity generated by your system .


Get a quote for solar panels now. 

Battery Storage

London Renewables offers battery storage options to both to enhance solar panel systems and give customers additional energy flexibility and self-sufficiency. Our engineers can install batteries with a range of storage capacities to help achieve your energy goals.

Batteries are commonly used to store surplus electricity generated by solar panels - rather than returning it to the grid - for use in the evening or high-demand times in the day, or simply as a power back-up.  

Battery storage offers a range of benefits, including protection from power cuts and options to store cheaper energy for use when it is more expensive.

Contact us to discuss battery storage today. 

Electric Vehicle Chargers

London Renewables offers installation of a range of  electric vehicle charge points for rapid electric vehicle charging and to create dedicated vehicle charging spaces. We can recommend and fit chargers suitable suitable for commercial or domestic use.

Request an EV charger quote

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are a great way to heat your property, without relying on fossil fuels. London Renewable Installations can install tailored heat pump solutions for your property.

Our Heat Pump solutions work year round – including in cold temperatures – to extract heat from the air, pumping it into your property to heat water and central heating systems.


Get the ball rolling with your heat pump and request a quote. 

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